Our First Post: Client FAQ’s and How a Wellness Coach can Help You Finally Reach Your Health Goals!

Welcome to the Plot Twist Wellness Blog! After over a year as a practice, we’ve decided to launch a blog to talk through the topics that our clients have the most questions about, all things health and habit change, and even about the journey to becoming a wellness coach. 

In this, our first post (!!), we’ll introduce the practice and answer some frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) that many of our clients have during their strategy sessions with Coach Rebeca. Let’s get it started!

Talk to me about Plot Twist Wellness Coaching. How long have you been a coach and how many clients do you work with? What sets Plot Twist apart from other health and wellness coaching practices? 

First of all, I’m so glad you’re here! The fact that you’re reading this blog post and thinking about adding a wellness coach to your health journey is a sure sign that you’re ready to make a positive change in your overall health. That’s fantastic! 

I’ve been helping my friends and family along their health journeys for almost 10 years. I finally decided to become a certified health and life coach through the Health Coach Institute in 2021 and launched Plot Twist Wellness Coaching the same year. Since then, I’ve worked with several clients to help them change their relationships with food and exercise while also teaching them the tools they need to create sustainable habits that best serve their ultimate wellness goals. 

Because our most popular program – the 90-Day Habit Change Experience – is such an intensive program, I only take on a maximum of two Habit Change Experience clients at any given time. This is so I can dedicate the most attention to these clients in order to best support them throughout the program. I do open up my calendar to be available on select dates for one-on-one calls for more targeted support in addition to the Grocery Shopping Support program and Healthy Habits 101 corporate wellness workshop. 

What we feel (and what our clients have confirmed) sets us apart from other practices is our individualized, non-diet, habit change approach to health and wellness. We dig with you to help you uncover your true motivation for change so we can create a targeted action plan just for you and your body. 

We don’t provide prescriptive diets or exercise plans to follow during your program – instead, we want you to get to the root of why you want to make a change in your life. Many times, we find that our clients have toxic relationships with food and exercise so our individualized plans focus on reframing your mindset so you can heal these relationships and move forward with habits that truly serve you versus serving a short-term goal (i.e. weight loss) that doesn’t actually resolve the aspects of your health that you’re unhappy with. 

I’ve never worked with a health or wellness coach before. What can I expect?

Each coach has a very different area of focus and approach in his or her practice. That said, coaches are your ultimate cheerleader and accountability partner!

Your free strategy session is where the journey begins! During your 30-minute session, you’ll get to know your coach and she’ll get to know you. You’ll talk through your specific challenges, what you’ve tried, and start the conversation around your motivation for change. From there, your coach will recommend a program for you and you can decide how you’d like to move forward!

At Plot Twist Wellness, we provide as much support as you need throughout your program. During your strategy session, we can talk through specific support needs you might have but our past clients have found in-person sessions and text support outside of sessions to be the most helpful! For clients not local to the Denver Metro area, we provide virtual sessions over Zoom so you can still get face-time with your coach. 

A lot of the topics we will discuss during our time working together in your program will uncover some very emotional and deep-seeded beliefs. We always recommend that our clients also work closely with a mental health provider. Therapists and doctors are sometimes coaches, but coaches are not therapists or doctors!

Do coaches create meal plans or exercise plans? 

Some coaches may be certified personal trainers, nutritionists, or dieticians and may include meal plans and/or exercise plans in their programs. We do not provide meal plans or exercise plans at Plot Twist Wellness. We will work with any plan you bring with you and assess how it may or may not be serving you and your ultimate health goals. 

I already have a personal trainer/nutritionist but I still can’t meet my goals. How can coaching help me finally get where I want to be?

The American Society for Training and Development found that a person is 95% (yes, you read that right!) more likely to reach a goal when they’re in a structured program with an accountability partner. A wellness coach is the ultimate accountability partner! And our programs at Plot Twist Wellness provide the structure you need to be successful. We will work with you to co-create the best plan of attack for your goals. 

Our most popular program is our Habit Change Experience program, where we focus on three modules – Self-Awareness, Nutrition or Movement as Self-Care, and Follow Through – over 30, 60, or 90 days. The purpose of our program is to dive deep into your true motivation for your goals, understand where in the habit change cycle that you’re getting stuck, and incorporate techniques into your life that will help you kick self-sabotage for good. 

What are the things your clients do that make them most successful?

Our most successful clients show up and put in the work! Easier said than done, right? Absolutely. Showing up consistently, day after day – even when you’re not feeling it – is one of the hardest things to do. That’s why having a wellness coach can be so beneficial! A coach can help hold you accountable and guide you through your toughest moments on your health journey. Our programs also provide you with tons of tools that you can use even after you’ve completed your program, and we always stay in touch with our clients after their programs end so we can check in and answer any questions they might have. 

We are so excited to launch the Plot Twist Wellness Blog! We’re looking forward to sharing tons of tips and tools with you through the blog. In the meantime, stay in touch! Reach out via email or on socials with any questions or topics that you’d like to see on the blog. 

Are you ready to book your free strategy session?

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